October 2010

Our final planting for 2010 resulted in more than 400 indigenous plants in the ground including Poas, Lomandras, Callistemons, Goodenias, and Allocasuarinas. This was the second planting for this site in 2010 and extended an established gooseneck meander planting site up a precariously steep bank. This planting site was painstakingly prepared by our dedicated works manager, president and past president to ensure the plants got off to the best possible start. Over 40 friends, including those of the canine species contributed to this amazing result.

Check out the photos at our new gallery page!. You may even spot yourself! Make sure to check back to the galleries often as it will be updated frequently. Feel free to send in your own pics, details are on the gallery page.

Our next event is weeding at the gooseneck meander site, see box to the right of the page for details. Weeding is a really important activity for the FOEC plants as it allows them to get a good start without greedy weeds stealing all their sunlight, nutrients and water. It also ensures friends’ blood, sweat and beers during the planting months are not wasted 😉

A big thanks to all the friends who have participated in FoEC activities so far this year and welcome to anyone who is considering joining us at future events, did I mention that there is afternoon tea involved?