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Being a member of FoEC is your show of support for our objectives. It also means you can stand and vote for office bearers on our committee at our AGM if you want. Being a member lets others know just how strongly our community values our Creek and the people who volunteer their time to caring for it. You will also receive regular email updates from our President.

Membership objectives:

  1. To advocate for the management of Edgars Creek as an entire freshwater ecosystem;
  2. To work with local Councils and Melbourne Water to ensure any maintenance and development works deliver a real and direct benefit to the Edgars Creek reserve corridor;
  3. Organise and facilitate events for the community to be involved in restoration works and environmental educational associated with Edgars Creek; and
  4. To communicate with developers to ensure they understand how strongly the community values the Edgars

For more information about membership, please follow this link to view our constitution and refer to section 3, membership.


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