Calendar of events for 2021

Download the calendar of events for 2021 here.

Dates at a glance:

Next event

Sunday 21 November 2021, 10.00am-12.00noon

Inside corner of Livingstone street – access will be via kodak bridge and make way towards Livingstone – creek will not be crossable given the forecast!

Snakes seen down by the creek

Be careful this summer as snakes have been seen down by the creek and on walking paths. This large snake was spotted late summer 2021.


Moreland Council Environmental Sustainability Award 2020

We would like to acknowledge our Treasurer, Stephen Northey as joint winner of the Moreland Council Environmental Sustainability Award.

The ceremony was conducted online where Stephen was announced as a joint winner with Ann and Bruce McGregor from FoMC.

Stephen says, “While this was an individual award, it is also recognition for all the ‘freaks for Edgars Creek’, our community, and the Friends of Edgars Creek (FoEC) Committee. Congrats and thanks to all. Go FoEC!!”

Well done Stephen! Watch the ceremony here:

An interview with FoEC and Monash University about Merri and Edgars Creek Wetlands.

In this interview (July 2020) with Dr Ruth Lane (Human Geography, School of Social Sciences, Monash University) our Treasurer, Stephen Northey explains the history of the Merri and Edgars Creek (including Indigenous history), how it came to be a public reserve managed by Moreland City Council, the role of the local community in its history, and the role of FoEC in ongoing management arrangements.