June 2011

Hello again Members and friends,

I wanted to make a note of thanks to those volunteers who joined us on Sunday. We were able to achieve a total of just over 600 plants! (though a couple of hundred or so were juncus asitatus plugged straight into the creek bank). A great day for the creek!

I would like to note the fabulous efforts of Rob “Stock” Burnett, our works manager who is literally pushing through the pain barrier to enable us to get our materials on site and be so organised when everyone arrives on site.

A quick note about our July event, the joint planting with Friends of Edwardes Lake, Darebin City Council and MCMC at Edwardes Lake. I can confirm that the time is 1-3 PM – the calendar has the time as TBA. The planting will be on the west side of the lake, close to the spill way and opposite the hotel.

Kind regards,