Calling for event hosts for 2020

Are you interested in becoming an event host in 2020?

For two hours at one or more of our events, our hosts are the go-to person. No experience necessary and we will give you all the details you need. And you won’t be alone as our committee members and experienced volunteers are there to help you.

The role of the event host

  • Greet volunteers;
  • Get volunteers to sign in (sign in book provided);
  • Ask them to highlight email address if they want to get on the mailing list;
  • Outline safety precautions which are: be careful with tools, wear gloves, take care on uneven ground, beware of snakes/spiders etc, sunscreen and sun hat;
  • Point out the first aid kit is available (in the FoEC trailer);
  • Mention donations are welcome via the platypus;
  • Give them an outline of plans for the day;
  • Pair them with an experienced volunteer if they need to be shown what to do; and
  • Get them started on a suitable job.

The hosts can also explain project aims and objectives based on general background information provided. They can also provide calendar of events, facebook and website details if desired.

If this is something you would like to do, please send Lisa an email at: [email protected].