About FoEC

Our Vision

Our vision is the ongoing management and enhancement of Edgars Creek, between Edwardes Lake and its confluence with Merri Creek, as an informal and secluded bushland reserve, in a manner sympathetic to its unique geology, indigenous biodiversity and community.

Our Strategy

To achieve our vision, we:

  1. Establish resilient ecological vegetation class (EVC) habitat areas by consolidating restoration effort in a six key project areas.
  2. Increase biodiversity by establishing a range of ecological vegetation class (EVC) projects indigenous to the area.
  3. Protect remnant vegetation by focusing restoration project areas around significant remnant specimens or communities.
  4. Link fragmented habitat areas by ‘growing out’ project areas over time.
  5. Improve the landscape values associated with significant geological landforms, particularly those identified in Victoria’s Resource Atlas.
  6. Reduce the impact of urban development on the ‘secluded bushland character’ of the Creek Reserve through appropriate ‘buffer’ planting.
  7. Maximise the effectiveness of maintenance through intensive, localised effort to reduce the impact of invasive weeds and pests.
  8. Sustain local community involvement through self-management, education to build capacity for ‘knowledgeable’ custodianship and targeted complementary land management agency support.

FoEC mission

To help improve the environmental and recreational quality of the Edgars Creek reserve by:

  • advocating for the management of this important waterway as an entire freshwater ecosystem;
  • working with local Councils and Melbourne Water to ensure any maintenance and development works deliver a real and direct benefit to the creek corridor;
  • organising and facilitating events for the community to be involved in restoration works and environmental education; and
  • communicating with developers to ensure they understand how strongly the community values the creek reserve from both an environmental and recreational perspective.

Download a copy of our constitution.