Annual General Meeting

Sunday 21st March at 10am.

Join us for our AGM on Sunday 21st March at 10am – followed by maintenance activities.

Location – At the hill overlooking the city (escarpment area with grass). Turn right after kodak bridge and walk up the hill towards the electricity pylon.

Calling for event hosts for 2020

Are you interested in becoming an event host in 2020?

For two hours at one or more of our events, our hosts are the go-to person. No experience necessary and we will give you all the details you need. And you won’t be alone as our committee members and experienced volunteers are there to help you.

The role of the event host

  • Greet volunteers;
  • Get volunteers to sign in (sign in book provided);
  • Ask them to highlight email address if they want to get on the mailing list;
  • Outline safety precautions which are: be careful with tools, wear gloves, take care on uneven ground, beware of snakes/spiders etc, sunscreen and sun hat;
  • Point out the first aid kit is available (in the FoEC trailer);
  • Mention donations are welcome via the platypus;
  • Give them an outline of plans for the day;
  • Pair them with an experienced volunteer if they need to be shown what to do; and
  • Get them started on a suitable job.

The hosts can also explain project aims and objectives based on general background information provided. They can also provide calendar of events, facebook and website details if desired.

If this is something you would like to do, please send Lisa an email at: [email protected].

800 plants for National Tree Day

National Tree Day for 2019 was a huge success with 800+ indigenous trees, shrubs, grasses and plants planted.

We all had a great day and thanks to all our volunteers who are making such a big difference to the landscape and improving the health of our precious creek.

And thanks Julie, our catering manager for such a delicious lunch!

National Tree Day

National Tree Day is a call to action for all Australians to put their hands in the earth and give back to their community. Each year, about 300,000 people volunteer their time to engage in environmental activities that educate individuals about the world around them. It’s a day to venture outdoors and get to know your community, and most importantly, to have fun!

Join us this year for our annual National Tree Day planting on Sunday 28 July 2019, 10.00am-12.30pm at the Gooseneck escarpment area, west side of the creek along the industrial fence line (near Conga foods).

Hosted by the Moreland City Council (Phone Vince/Lori [MCC] on 8311 4386).

For more information about National Tree Day, visit this link.

A wrap up of the 2018 planting season

Thanks to everyone who attended the final planting day for the year and then celebrated at the party afterwards. We planted 870 plants!

Our President, David Pavone outlined our achievements for 2018 and what’s ahead for 2019 and beyond. 

Here’s a wrap up of David’s speech.


2018 was season 12 where we planted 7,000 indigenous trees, plants and shrubs. We are considering downsizing the number of plants we plant per planting activity. Rather than around 700-800 plants per activity, in order to allow more on-the-day maintenance, we are considering reducing that to around 400-500 plants.

Committee meetings

Committee meetings are open to all who are interested to attend, so please come along. 

It’s important for us to share the knowledge. For example, if you would like to learn how to write a grant submission, update the website, learn about plant names or anything else, we are more than happy to pass this knowledge on. And likewise, from our volunteers, you all have so much knowledge, so please share it with us! We would really appreciate it.

For 2019 you may also be interested in providing assistance in the following areas:

  • Become an event host – meet and greet volunteers (more information here).
  • Letterbox drops

The FoEC trailer needs a home

Our Works Manager Rob is moving house and unfortunately cannot accommodate the trailer anymore. If anyone has room in their backyard or commercial property or knows of anyone who may be able to store the trailer, please let us know.

Elizabeth Street Cafe

Thank you to the Elizabeth Street Cafe for providing delicious fruit and baked goods for our party. Their support is so valuable to us and we really appreciate it. Please drop in to the cafe and enjoy a coffee and / or delicious meal. 

Change of Treasurer

At the next AGM to be held early in 2019, Stephen Northey will be handing over the Treasurer role to our Website Manager, Lisa Davis


Please continue to donate as much and as often as you can as all proceeds are welcome and go towards catering and other operational items we use throughout the year. If you can make a direct deposit, please let us know or alternatively, make a donation at any of our planting days.

Thank you

Thank you to the many dedicated and passionate volunteers who help make FoEC so successful. We couldn’t do it without you!


David Pavone, FoEC President speaking to our 50 volunteers at the final planting for the year. David mentioned we planted 870 plants on that day and over 7,000 plants for 2018.


End of 2018 planting season celebrations.


Preparation of the planting site



Finished – 50 volunteers, 870 plants planted!




Plant guards we use

We usually use two types of plant guards

  1. Corflute guard plus 1x stake
  2. Bag guards (soft plastic) plus 3x stakes

Plant protection

The guards protect the plants from rabbits, dogs, foot traffic and weed spray drift.

When mulch is not present, we use a weed mat to aid in preventing weed growth.

As a rule, all guards remain on the plants for a minimum of 12 months.

The guard we choose to use depends on the type of plant and ground condition eg., for most shrubs we use bag guards.

Your assistance…

We welcome our Edgars Creek friends to reapply the guards if you see they have been blown over by the wind.

We welcome everyone to our monthly activities, so please download our calendar of events and come along to our next activity. Our team of volunteers will offer advice, guidance and all tools such as mallets and gloves are provided. At the end of each activity, which is only around 2 hours, we have afternoon tea for all.

We look forward to seeing you!

LEFT: Corflute plant guard with 1x stake. RIGHT: Bag guard (soft plastic) with 3x stakes. Purple weed mat also shown.

Before and after boxthorn removal

Our May 2018 planting has made a huge difference to the shrub and grassland extension at the Silurian Cliff extension, up the escarpment on the west bank of the creek.

The photo on the left was taken in September 2017 and in May 2018 look what we have done!

Drop by and have a look at the improvement our work has made to the area.


Annual General Meeting 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting for 2018.

Our President, David Pavone outlined the activities and successes we achieved in 2017 and the planned activities to come in 2018. We also elected our committee members.

Elected officials:

  • President: David Pavone
  • Treasurer: Stephen Northey
  • Secretary: Robert Urquhart

Appointed officials:

  • Works Manager: Rob Burnett
  • Website / Media Co-ordinating Manager: Lisa Davis
  • Catering Co-ordinator: Julie Brown
  • Water Testing Co-ordinator: Irene Baker
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