Caravan Park Site

Caravan Park Site

Established: 2012

Across the Creek behind the Big 4 Melbourne Caravan Park, this site incorporates a number of identified significant remnant specimens including River Red Gum, Yellow Box, Sweet Bursaria, Tree Violet, Weeping Grass, Lomandra filiformis and Danthonia species (Source: B.J. Bainbridge, J.M. Bush & Faithfull, 1998. Moreland Remnant Vegetation Assessment – prepared for Moreland City Council by the Merri Creek Management Committee). Our restoration works have incorporated design elements to increase the likelihood of self-seeding of the remnant species. Additional areas of remnant Lomandra were also identified and subsequently protected during brush cutting of the area in readiness for planting in 2014. Poa labillardierei introduced as part of the revegetation works is also successfully seeding into the mulched area. The Caravan Park area includes a wide floodplain and attractive basalt features along the Creek meanders.

Funding: Melbourne Water Community Grants program, with matching funding and complimentary work from the Moreland City Council’s maintenance allocation and a grant from the Department of Sustainability and Environment in 2014.

Before 2011

Caravan Park 2007

April 2016

Caravan Park April 2016

Caravan Park April 2016 (2)

Caravan Park April 2016 (3)