Plant guards we use

We usually use two types of plant guards

  1. Corflute guard plus 1x stake
  2. Bag guards (soft plastic) plus 3x stakes

Plant protection

The guards protect the plants from rabbits, dogs, foot traffic and weed spray drift.

When mulch is not present, we use a weed mat to aid in preventing weed growth.

As a rule, all guards remain on the plants for a minimum of 12 months.

The guard we choose to use depends on the type of plant and ground condition eg., for most shrubs we use bag guards.

Your assistance…

We welcome our Edgars Creek friends to reapply the guards if you see they have been blown over by the wind.

We welcome everyone to our monthly activities, so please download our calendar of events and come along to our next activity. Our team of volunteers will offer advice, guidance and all tools such as mallets and gloves are provided. At the end of each activity, which is only around 2 hours, we have afternoon tea for all.

We look forward to seeing you!

LEFT: Corflute plant guard with 1x stake. RIGHT: Bag guard (soft plastic) with 3x stakes. Purple weed mat also shown.