Gooseneck Meander Area

Gooseneck Meander Area

Established: 2007

Description: FoEC has restored Creekline Tussock Grassland (EVC645), Stream-bank Shrubland (EVC 851) and Escarpment Shrubland (EVC 895) habitats along a regionally significant ‘gooseneck’ meander of the Creek (Source: Victorian resources online: Port Phillip and Westernport: Site 14 Coburg – Edgars Creek Terrace and Meanders). Works have incorporated remnant stands of Melicytus dentatas (Tree Violet) and removed invasive weeds such as African Boxthorn, Phalaris, Chilean Needle Grass and Fennel. Fast-growing indigenous riparian species have begun to over-shade the stream and reduce eutrophic effects on the water quality. This has reduced the impact of aquatic weeds in the stream and improved aquatic habitat. Selection of plant species and locations are mindful of the easement restrictions associated with the SPAusNet overhead high voltage powerlines that dissect the site. This project area was visited by the Office of Living Victoria in 2014 as an exemplar of community-based habitat restoration along urban waterways.

Funding: Melbourne Water Community Grants program, with matching funding and complimentary work from the Moreland City Council’s maintenance allocation and a Commonwealth Caring For Our Country grant administered by the Merri Creek Management Committee.

Before 2007

Gooseneck Meander Area before 2007


Gooseneck Meander Area 2014

April 2016

Gooseneck Meander Area April 2016

Before 2011

Gooseneck Meander Area before 2011

After 2015

Gooseneck Meander Area 2015

April 2016

Gooseneck Meander Area April 2016 (2)