Sheoak Woodland

Sheoak Woodland

Established: 2013

Our Sheoak Woodland is located on top of an elevate hilltop, with views across the Creek valley and the city of Melbourne to the south. This exposed site comprises heavy clay loams prone to drying out and cracking in hot weather. It is adjacent to the Moreland industrial area and a recapped municipal tip. Screening planting along the reserve boundary has enhanced the secluded bushland character of the area. An ephemeral waterhole is an interesting landscape feature. FoEC has established a vast swath of Sheoak woodlands which now create a dramatic acoustic effect when the wind blows. The woodland also includes scattered Grey Box Eucalyptus macrocarpa, Gold-dust Wattle Acacia acinacea, Lightwood Acacia implexa and Sweet Bursaria Bursaria spinosa. The grassy understorey is dominated by Wallaby-grasses and Speargrasses, Windmill Grass Chloris truncate and Blackanther Flax-lily Dianella revoluta. Chenopods such as Nodding Saltbush Einadia nutans and Ruby Saltbush Enchylaena tomentosa are also well suited to the dry nature of this habitat community.

Funding: Moreland City Council National Tree Day and Satterley Property Group.

Before 2011

Sheoak Woodland before 2011

April 2016

Sheoak Woodland April 2016


Sheoak Woodland 2015

April 2016

Sheoak Woodland April 2016 (2)

Before 2009

Sheoak Woodland 2009

April 2016

Sheoak Woodland April 2016 (3)